Where is my assistant? Should we be getting rid of so many office staff?

bpo 24 hour services secretary

BPO 24 hour services has been built on the fact companies seem to be getting rid of too many staff too quick. Often in key sectors and I just wonder where is the idea to downsize coming from?

Are we complaining? Of course not from BPO 24 hour services point of view but from someone who often needs not only a virtual assistant but often an assistant in person for specific tasks I can understand the frustration from a corporate worker point of view. But even then are we part of the problem?

One of my uncles spends Saturday processing work documents and Sunday printing and processing safety documents with his wife. These are not his tasks and its well below his position in the company but the fact remains that there is nobody else available to do it. You can only delegate so far and with the slicing of the corporate profit knife its often a slicing away at things we do need for things we don’t. Who is going to agree to a pay cut to save jobs further down the corporate ladder? Not many I am sure. What happens is a slicing and dicing of parts of the business which often don’t impact the person making the decisions.

The yes men have actually been exploiting some of these issues and others because the corporate world is often easy to manipulate and not all for good reason. I for one can see a major problem in the culture of downsizing and getting rid of assistants and secretaries. The realization will come about eventually that many of the chores absorbed by corporate workers from their assistants that no longer exist has to come about at some point. I am aware that there was no doubt abuse in the decades that have passed but also the work culture has changed. The fact that when I carried out a project worth millions and couldn’t get an assistant that worked for the company capable of doing basic spread sheet entry or full-time shows that there is a huge problem where I was. At the same time its becoming the norm in many companies.

Outsourcing to virtual assistants is part of the solution but not all of it. There still has to be key people on the ground. Having a virtual assistant organize a calendar and meetings as well as doing most office chores makes life more efficient. But adding to that having an in house secretary or administrator for a team of directors or senior staff often is cost affective as a buffer. There are many ways that corporate time is taken up and often it can be with dealing with things that aren’t a priority such as someone in another company calling you direct about a minor issue that should go via someone else at a lower level, or dealing with things like sales calls that should never reach the person in the first place. A strong assistant in the office can deal with those problems and it wouldn’t take long to see the benefit of how much money they save the company in productivity time of the other people in the office.


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